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Onderstaande mail vond ik vanochten in mijn mailbox. Nog geen tijd gehad om er iets mee te doen. Ziet er interessant uit. Is iemand bekend met deze organisatie?

From: Steven Clift a title="" href="">>
Date: 2 juni 2010 00:42:35 GMT+02:00
Subject: [Nettime-nl] Connecting with e-democracy interested people in Amsterdam this Fri/Sat

I am looking to connect with the next generation of Dutch active with
e-democracy projects and researchers - from open government to
e-campaigning to e-participation. (As well as old friends lost in

These days, I am particularly interested in learning about local
projects and those taking digital inclusion into citizen
voice/media/social nets also at the local level. Looking to compare
notes with:

I'll be zooming through Friday evening through Saturday til Noon on a
layover in Amsterdam. (I am in Libya right now and will be heading
back to Minneapolis.)

Drop me a note if you would like to connect and I'll be in touch:
(Please reply to not slc@ or I might miss it.)

Give a public shout out on Twitter with #cliftams :

Please pass this on to your Dutch contacts/lists/blogs, etc.

Brief bio: e-democracy guy, co-founder in 1994 with
world's first election info website, speaker across 28 countries,
Ashoka Fellow - passionate about learning from others about their
initiatives and helping new upcoming projects get the global attention
they deserve - more:

Steven Clift

Steven Clift -
Executive Director - http://E-Democracy.Org
Follow me -
New Tel: +1.612.234.7072
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Reactie van wh jansen op 9 Juni 2010 op 16.21
Het gaat hier om dé organisatie en dé man op e-democratie-gebied.

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