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Unlocking the predictive power of the web. What would you do if you could know it all?

The current Information Technology revolution has now ran its course
for more than 40 years. During this period data has become a ubiquitous
resource for both science and industry and is now also infusing everyday

Unlike any other resource, data does not deplete when it is being used. It’s
rather like a virus that keeps on multiplying and spreading itself into a gigantic
datasphere. It is expected that by 2020 we will live in a world that contains
more than 35 zettabytes of information. The volume of this ever-expanding
dataset is reaching a point where it just becomes too Big to Handle.

Because, how do you store, manage and analyze for example all the data
from today's recordings of the Hubble telescope; all the data generated from
today’s Nasdaq transactions; and all the updates on the timelines of every
single individual on Facebook today? Let alone trying to connect these items.

This massive amount of data is being referred to as Big Data. In its simplest
definition, big data is about a set of techniques and technologies that makes
handling data at extreme scale economically feasible.

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